Inivisble reference

Dear All,

After upgrading to Word 2007, EndNote (v. 9.0.1) suddenly started behaving strangely. In old Word 2003, everything was fine. Upgrading to 2007also ran smoothly, buttons are in place etc. My problem is rather that any reference I include directly into the text and would like them to show within a parenthesis, blinks briefly and then becomes invisble. When reference list is made, it is obvious that the reference is there in the text as well, but is not visible on the screen nor when printed.

I have tried numerous different styles etc., but clearly run out of ideas how to solve this problem. Any suggestions would be much appreciated.

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Try unformating everything (select all and “unformat citations” from the toolbar or tools, endnote, menu choices) returning them to the curley bracket stage and then format bibliography (from the toolbar or tools, endnote, menu choices).  After this, you will need to turn CWYW on again through the “format bibliography” menu window, from the Instant formating tab.  Let us know if it solves the problem!

Thanks! I’m not sure which step of the process did it, but it seems to be working now. :smileyvery-happy:

I am so glad I found this because I have been tearing my hair out for two days trying to find out what the problem was!  I just want to add that I was having this problem in Word 2003 and it seemed to start for absolutely no reason, and upgrading to Endnote X.2 didn’t solve it (I assume all the settings are carried over)  and toggling field codes / turning on/off field codes didn’t help either.  Just in case anyone else is having this problem and thinks it only applies to Word 2007.