Inserting 'e.g..' alongside references.

I want  to say ‘(e.g.Wheeler et al., 2011)’, but when I update the bibliography the’ e.g.’ is removed from within the brackets.

I know I can convert the bibliography and then manually insert ‘e.g.’ but I want to keep the document linked so this is not a solution.

Apologies for a probably very basic question. I hope you can help.


Not basic, but with Endnote, there are so many options that it takes time to master them all.  You cannot edit the “grey” field and have it “stick”.  You must Edit the citation (right click and choose edit citation, more and then insert the e.g. with a trailing space into the prefix field in the dialog box, then okay.  Voila, it now sticks. 

In Endnote you can insert the style manually. For example, normally if you use (Author, year) format for citation, when you add a citation, you will see two of the statement in the brackets like this (John, 2007).

But you may want to write the name to the out of the brackets just like John (2007). 

If you type {John,2007@@author-year} , you will see your citation in second format.

So if you test some alternatives, may be you can insert e.g… in to your citation.

Hope it to work.

Yes, and if you have Cite While You Write off (or as another forum colleague once put it (CAYW or Cite after you write) which I like to do,  then the temporary citation will look like this:  {e.g. \Smith, 2004 #5932} with the text followed by the space and the back-slash before the citation.  Text following the author (suffix) just is added after the record number.  

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Thank you. Maybe I throw it around too easily but a stranger has just shouted ‘I love you’! at your solution. 

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