Endnote inserts wrong citations


I am currently writing my thesis (around 140 citations for the moment) and i discovered some trouble when working with EndNote today.

When  I want to insert a citation (eg Kovalchik 2012) and I select the correct one in Endnote, when adding it into Word by CWYW it puts in a complete different citation (eg kanne 2010). 

When clicking on the CWYW Insert selection button all seems fine first… {Kovalchik 2012…} appears + the proecessing window telling that the citations are updated etc appears. But at the end of the procedure its always the wrong one appearing in the document. I can select any citation I want in Endnote it always finally inserts the same wrong Kanne 2010. (This was just an example, when i want to correct other citations in the document the wrong citation reappears again and again.) Who can help me with this problem?

I am using Microsoft Word 2011 for Mac 14.6.1 and Endnote for Mac X7.7.1 on a Mac Os X 10.11.6 computer.

Thank you very much and have a nice sunday!

Hard to trouble shoot without sitting next to you at your computer.  I would call Tech support (www.endnote.com/support) because they may have tools to see what you are seeing.  This sounds strange.  Did you try with a different output style?