Building a Library

Just upgraded from very old (but easy to use) version of EndNote to x4. So many features, so little instuction manual when udating. I am lost. Do searches on line, use NLM to find references and import them to my library (I hope) never sure which mode I am in, why every reference from the same author winds up in the library (although only one highlighted before importing) AND why does my library wind up duplicating itself everythime I turn around?

Learned a trick to eliminate the duplicates, works sometimes, then library double again, WHY???

Just a simple user, can get my work done when I am playing with the EndNote all the time.


I suggest you check out the Training forumssuch as the webinar “building an Endnote Library”.  Also, there is a PDF “Getting Started” in the Endnote folder and the full PDF of the manual there too.  Stay away from that “integrated” mode which is the first button.  Stay with the middle mode when working with your library and used the online (third button) when you need to retrieve things from online. 

If you do want to use the integrated mode, do make sure you first edit the preferences to discard duplicates.  I still don’t knwo why the developers turn that off as default.