Formatting references manually

Hi All,

I just wanted to ask about options for formatting end note references. Depending on the structure of the sentence in my thesis, I would like to be able to remove brackets from the references. For example if I enter a reference it will come up as:

According to (Teasdale et al.1999)… whereas I would like to be able to say: According to Teasdale et al.1999… How would this be done without losing the reference altogether?



Always, or just for this one off reference?  

If you want all your citations outside parentheses, then you can edit the style to remove them from the citation template. 

If one off, then type (or copy paste) the information from inside the citation to in front of the citation, and then omit both author and year.  The endnote citation itself will “disappear” but still be present and listed in the bibliography.   

However the more common usage be “According to Teasdale et al (1999)”. … Which you could drag and drop the author from the citation and then “edit citation” to remove just the author.   

By the way, edit citation is a tool from the word/endnote toolbar, or right click in the citation and you should be able to select it from the drop down list.