Inserting Equations

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I am fairly new to EndNote and I’m having a few issues.  First and foremost, I read the pdf manual included in the installation folder and know the basics.  I’ve also set it up to use EndNote within MS word (version 2007). 

I am trying to figure out how to add an equation in EndNote database, then adding it to a word document using the tools.  I really need a play by play on this one.  I know how to create an question in MS word, so I am not looking to add it directly that way.  I would like to create one, add it to an EndNote database so that I may use it over and over again from that database.  

I am using EndNote X, PC running Windows XP, Office 2007, All updates are up-to-date.

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I don’t think this feature is much used in EndNote.

My understanding is that you use the Equation reference type in your EndNote library to create a description of the equation. You then create the equation using software which can cope with complex mathematical symbols, and you save the equation as an image file. You use the Attach Figure function to attach this image to the reference that you created in EndNote.

To insert the equation in your Word document, you use the Find Figure function on the EndNote tools in Word.

I think this explains why this feature is not used much. But my understanding of the procedure may be faulty.