Inserting pages in between the words of one citation is not possible.


I am writing in a bluebook style. In that style, the year should come the last.

However, once I input citation, it is not possible to write in the middle of that inserted citation.

For example, If I make a footnote number 1 such as, "

  1. Rossi, Treaty of Tordesillas Syndrome: Sovereignty ad Absurdum and the South China Sea Arbitration, 50 Cornell Int’l L.J. 231(2017).


I want to write 459 in the middle of 231 and (2017) to indicate the actual pages I cited. However, it is not possible. If I write 459, it is automatically erased in a few seconds.

Also, dot (.) at the end of citation is not necessary, but Endnote automatically and always produce dot (.) at the end.  It is not possible to erase dot. Even though it is possible, I don’t want to manually and individually erase dot (.) every time.

How can I fix it?

This is another thing that is controled by the Endnote output style.  In the Bluebook - Law Review, I downloaded from endnote’s online style collection - it appears that the “cited pages” field is there, and you can edit the footnote to include this text via the “edit citation” tool - where you right click in the footnote itself, choose “edit citation” and put your cited pages in the 3rd box.  – however, the style itself appears to vary in the position at which it inserts this information.  Have you tried this output style?  I attach it here (I dated it so I knew when I downloaded it).  To use it, you need to open it (and it should open in endnote) and then save as (and remove the word copy).  Then you need to go into word and find the endnote tools to specify this specific version of the file.  You will need to “select another style” to find this newly saved version.  see image.  

Bluebook-Law Review Nov2017.ens (39.1 KB)

about the dot.  same there.  if it isn’t required, one needs to edit this output style for each template and remove it.  save it and it should disappear from the footnotes (and bibliography) 

Thanks for the ens. I could change the formats of bluebook style.

However, I couldn’t save my changes because I was afraid if I cannot recover it. They were so detailed.

I want to remove the dot at the end, and insert the pages in the middle.

Where can I change?

I attach screen shot.

Does “I” symbol mean something?

Can I just erase dot (.) at the format?


FYI, I don’t see “select another style” tab. i think it is because my endnote appears at the top of the MAC, not the right side of the doc word.