Insert Citation in Word without Brackets / cannot add page number

Dear all,

when I insert an endnote citation in my word document, it automatically comes in this style “(Risse 2007)”. I’d like to change that so it would come only as “Risse 2007” without the brackets.
I want to do that because then I can add the brackets myself later and add the page number behind it without changing the grey field (Risse 2007: 34).

Any ideas how to change that? Tips would be greatly appreciated since endnote help pages were too complicated for me.

If you have another solution as to how I can insert page numbers in in-text citation, please let also me know.


you can easily insert the page number in the citation.  See this recent thread.  In your case you would want the citation in the output style to look more like this:

(Author, |Year|:*Cited Pages|) where the “*” is the link adjacent character (really a little midspace “o”). 

If you made the change to the style to remove the parentheses, that would affect every reference.