Why is it so complicated to insert page numbers?

In Academe, any non-electronic article must be cited, and where appropriate, page numbers, paragraph numbers, must be given.

I am therefore baffled by the fact that Bluebook Law Review output style, when used with “Journal Article” or “Book” does not have any easy way to insert page numbers.

I am not a computer programmer, but I can’t beleive that something as basic as page numbers was overlooked by the people who designed end-note.

Typically a law journal with page number cited looks like this:

    Author Lastname, Title, XX Journal. Start page, page quoted (year).

A book with page number cited looks like this:

     Author Lastname, Title, page quoted (year).

A book section with page number cited looks like this

     Author, Chapter name, in Book Title chapter start page, page quoted, (Editor name., year).

These are the 3 most basic page citations for legal research. 

Must I personally modify Endnote 4, or has this been included somewhere that I cannot find it?

Thanks for your help.


There may be a “mismatch” occurring between the output style and the reference type templates which needs to be corrected.

The Bluebook-Law Review output style is a footnote style (according to the comments section of the style).  If you take a look at the footnote templates for books, book section, and journal articles incorporate a field named "Cited Pages’. [Note: Go to the EndNote toolbar, select EDIT, OUTPUT STYLES, EDIT BLUEBOOK-LAW REVIEW, then click “Templates” located below “Footnotes”.]

However, if you check the reference template for books, book section and journal articles, they use a different field name (i.e., “Start Page” or “Pages”). [Note: Go to the EndNote toolbar, select EDIT, PREFERENCES then “Reference Types” in the left column and the “Modify Reference Types” button.]  

Corrections must be made to either the footnote template or the reference type template so they incorporate the same field name.  You may notify EndNote about updating the Bluebook-Law Review style at: http://www.endnote.com/support/enstylereq.asp

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Thanks for responding to this question.  However, I can’t get it to work.  I apologize for my ignorance, but would you elaborate a little more?  I know this is asking a lot, but i’m having issues and it’s driving me crazy!  Thanks so much!

To illustrate the mismatch in field names between the Bluebook-Law Review output style and the EndNote reference template (Journal Article), refer to the attached image.

  1. When you view the Bluebook-Law Review output style, the footnote template shows the field “Cited Pages” is used within the Journal Article and other templates.  [Go to the EndNote toolbar, select EDIT, OUTPUT STYLES, EDIT Bluebook-Law Review. Then within the style’s pop-up box, locate “Footnotes” then click “Templates”.]

  2. However, the Journal Article’s reference template shows the fields “Start Pages” and “Pages” (not Cited Pages) is used in the template. [Go to the EndNote toolbar, select PREFERENCES, then in the Preferences pop-up window click “Reference Types”, then “Modify Reference Types”.  Locate and view the Journal Article reference type.]

  3. Rename the “Pages” or “Start Pages” field to “Cited Pages”.  Then click the OK button.  Repeat steps #2 and 3 to fix other reference templates as needed (e.g., Book, Book Section.)

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Ok, I followed your directions carefully and they ended up being the same process as I did before, but to no avail.  Below are some screen shots that shows the “Cited Pages” area has been populated and it doesn’t appear either in the preview or the word document.  Furthermore, the citation shows up in the footnote and in the body of the document, what’s up with that? 

I really really appreciate your help.  No one at law school knows how to use this program (not even the research librarians and media resource center).  You are my only hope to citing correctly for an important paper due in a week (without doing it by hand).  Will you please help me?  Thanks!

Microsoft Word.jpg

See Using Special Footnote Styles section of teh Queensland page here.  Is this what you are doing? 


To insert specific page numbers in footnotes:

  • To include specific page numbers for a reference in a footnote, highlight the citation and select the EndNote Edit Citation(s) command. You will now see a dialogue box. In the box labelled Pages type the page number(s). Click on the OK button.
  • This will only work if the EndNote output style is configured to cope with Cited Pages. Most styles that provide for specific footnote formatting are configured in this way.
  • Note that the specific page numbers will not appear in the bibliography at the end of the document.
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Thanks a million you two!  I thought when I entered the page number in the field noted above (jpg), endnote would transfer it over to word.  Now I know that I have to manage/edit my citations in word itself.  That makes perfect sense.  Thanks for taking the time to explain and illustrate the solution.  I would have been doing it by hand without your help, so thanks!