Insertion of accentuated characters is buggy/unintuitive

The insertion of accentuated characters via Ctrl + x + e for example is very buggy. It does not follow the MS Word system that’s very logical.

On my british keyboard at least, the accent has no connection to the key pressed. For example: Ctrl + ’ + e gives è while Ctrl + # + e gives é that is completely unintuitive while in MS Word: Ctrl + ’ + e gives é and Ctrl + ` + e gives è, i.e. the key used after Ctrl is very representation of the accent to use.

I cound not find a way to get a ñ while my MS Word allows me to simply use Ctrl + ~ + n.

Yes I agree some programming to improve this is needed. The doubly sad thing is as thiongs stand, EndNote expects you to use the Windows Character Map and they dont provide a quick way to call it up

I have found EndNote is not vey strict using seriff double quotes too and the on screen appearance doesnt let you know until you proof the bibliography in MS Word

Warm regards/gary

I use US keyboard and sometimes use the Character Map accessory (on a PC which I access from the start menu search character to find quickly) – but interestingly,I just tried ctr+'e and it gave me é in Endnote and word (but not in this browser reply window!) and ctrl+` e to get the other -in both.   and on the US keyboard Ctrl +Shift~ n works to give me the tilde n (but again not in this forum window).  So I suspect there is an international setting possibly available on the US and not the UK keyboard?