Interesting querk with word crashing

hello all, I have endnote X4, windows 7 and word 2000. I had an ongoing problem with word crashing. Suddenly when I am typing it repeates a key stroke and the cursor goes to the top of the page and word becomes unresponsive requiring a restart with loss of data. In other forums it is tracked to a network printer not on line as was the case for me initially. This was ok for a while and then it started to happen again. I tracked it down to endnote being open on the desk top at the same time as word. Once I minimised endnote word became responsive again and i could continue. When the network printer was not on line it would be unrecoverable…at least this is and is just a minor inconvienience…as long as one doesn’t panic.

Anyway that is my experience and I thought I would post it for future reference and save someone else some time. 

FYI - There are known (in)compatibility issues with Word 2000 and X4. Refer to the wordprocessor compatibility chart on the Thomson Reuters website: