Citations where I don't want them

I’m using Reference Manager v. 11 and Word 2007.  When I generate a bibliography/instant format takes over, it will change certain parenthetical text into citations where I do not want them (i.e., numbered equations, certain phrases, etc.).  Is there a way to avoid this?


It is best to set Reference Manager to use a unique temporary citations delimiter that is not being used anywhere else in your document.  For this purpose, square or curly brackets are normally designated to be temporary citation delimiters.  To change your delimiters-

1.  Open your formatted Word document and save a backup copy.

2.  In Word, select the “Add-ins” tab, press the “Reference Manager 11” drop down menu and choose “Cite While You Write Preferences”.

3.  On the Cite While You Write Preferences window, click on the “Temporary Citations” tab.  This is where you will find the “Delimiters” settings for your temporary citation delimiters.  Choose a set of brackets that isn’t used anywhere else within your document. 

4.  Click “OK”. 

After making this change, Reference Manager will be looking for temporary citations that are surrounded by these unique delimiters and should not prompt you to change any other portions of your text.  Please let me know if this works for you.

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