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Hey guys,

I tested the combination iPad Endnote + iPad Microsoft Word 

and was wondering if it could be possible to “copy unformarted citation”.

Since it’s possible to copy the full citation (fine!) and a temporary citation, I would like to copy the unformatted refernce, e.g. 

{Wirth, 2000 #125} directly in my word document. This allows me to continue my work on another device.

Thanks in advance.



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This feature is already included. In EndNote lingo we call this a “temporary citation.” You can see in the EndNote for iPad app screen shot that you have attached above that “Copy temporary citation” is the second option in the action menu. By selecting this, you should get the result you are looking for.

If this does not work for you - or if I am misunderstanding your request, please let me know.

Jason Rollins the EndNote team

I would love the ability to copy an in-text cition as well as copy the biblography entry to the clipboard for pasting into Pages.