Is there a better Oxford style out there?

Hi, I’m new to working with the Oxford style, though I’ve been a fan of Endnote for years.  Despite the fact that there are 4-6 different Oxford-based output styles in Endnote (I’m working with X.0.2 on a Windows XP machine with Word 2007), none of them conform to the style sheets required for my Oxford publication (style described at 

What’s weird about this style (which is also apparently called “document-note”) is that it requires BOTH numbered citations in the text referencing endnotes AND a separate following bibliography with each work cited.  I can get numbered citations or the bibliography but can’t find a way to get both with Endnote.  Has anyone else faced this problem and solved it?

Thanks for your help!


I am not an expert in this, but I think what you would need to do, is use the word footnote facility (and oxford styles have the associated footnote templates) to get the numbered citations.  

To do this, try inserting a footnote, then inserting your endnote reference into the footnote.  Oxford-Author Date will produce something similar to what you need.  You insert the footnote from the MSWord insert menu, insert reference>footnote.  Then you insert your citation in the footnote itself and endnote formats it according to the styles “footnote” section.  This Oxford author-date style also produces the required bibliography.  

Thank you Leanne, I will try this!