ISBN, ISSN o DOI written


I would like to have the words ISBN, ISSN or DOI written on my bibliography. When I create a personal style, however, the program just replaces ISBN, ISSN or DOI with the corresponding numbers, but do not write the words ISBN, ISSN or DOI. Is there any way to let Endnote editor know I want to write those characters but not the numbers?

Thank you 

Put the word in between  ` characters.

From Endnote help 

Special Formatting Characters

To force EndNote to interpret a word as just text and not as a field name in a template, put an accent grave character before and after the word: Editor. The accent grave is found in the upper left corner of most keyboards on the same key as the tilde (~). Remember to also use the non-breaking space to link the text, Editor, to the Editor field.