Add DOI with DOI as text in bibliography


I want to add the text ‘DOI’ followed by the DOI URL in my bibliography. I tried DOI: DOI, however then I get the DOI URL twice as the text DOI ist the same as the field name for DOI. How can I add DOI as text?

E.g., … DOI: 10.1080/12405123

Thanks for your help!

To have Endnote interpret the field name as plain text when modifying the bibliography template just insert an “accent grave” before and after like this: DOI:’ 

The accent grave is located on the upper left-hand side keyboard usually on the same key with the tilde (~).

Note that you  should add a Link Adjacent syntax command (identified with an asterick  below) in-between the “text DOI” and the field DOI to ensure appropriate spacing: