Displaying the DOI as well as the word "DOI" in References

Hi forum,

I want to modify an EndNote style to display, if available, the document DOI. However, I want to have the word “DOI:” before the actual DOI in case there is one… and of course the word should just appear if there is any DOI…

My guess was

Author. Title. Journal Year; Volume|(Issue)|: Pages|, |DOI: DOI|

But of course this shows me the DOI twice, as it can’t see that the first time I wrote it should be plain text - how can I make the software “understand” this? :wink:

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If you want to put text in a style template which is also an EndNote field name, put the accent grave character around the text, e.g. DOI:

And don’t forget to insert the “Link Adjacent Text” immediately afterwards. This will ensure that the text “DOI” will not appear if the reference does not contain a DOI field.

Hi John,

that works now, thanks a lot! I tried the normal ‘’ already, but didn’t know they need to be the `` ones… great! :slight_smile:

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