ISI tagged format output

Does Endnote support ISI tagged format as one of the export formats? Is it possible to export records with field/tag names as a prefixes?

By ISI format I mean record with following tags:

FN         File type
VR         File format version number
PT         Publication type (e.g., book, journal, book in series)
AU         Author(s)
TI         Article title
SO         Full source title
LA         Language
DT         Document type
NR         Cited reference count
SN         ISSN
PU         Publisher
C1         Research addresses
DE         Author keywords
ID         KeyWords Plus
AB         Abstract
CR         Cited references
TC         Times cited
BP         Beginning page
EP         Ending page
PG         Page count
JI         ISO source title abbreviation
SE         Book series title
BS         Book series subtitle
PY         Publication year
PD         Publication date
VL         Volume
IS         Issue
PN         Part number
SU         Supplement
SI         Special issue
GA         ISI document delivery number
PI         Publisher city
WP         Publisher web address
RP         Reprint address
CP         Cited patent
J9         29-character source title abbreviation
PA         Publisher address
UT         ISI unique article identifier
ER         End of record

Maybe my question wasn’t clear enough, so I will try to reformulate it. How could one export bibliographic records with fields preceded by mnemonic field tags?

Try adapting RefMan (RIS) export style which is similar to the ISI format? It can obviously only export the information you have included in the records and I am not sure all of the fields you list are routinely copied into the endnote library.  Depends on your connect or filter settings. 

 You might also try adapting the Endnote export style, as it might include all the fields, and then you just need to adapt the leading characters. 

Thanks Leanne! You’re a real enthusiast :slight_smile:

There are several ISI import filters included in Endnote, e.g. the “Web of Science (ISI)” filter (in my version it’s dated May 20, 2005, so very old). That filter notes significant problems with the translation from ISI format (and I’ve observed others in testing), which suggests that there would also be problems translating to ISI format. The Web of Science help pages also mention an “ISI (Institute for Scientific Information)” import filter. It would be nice if any export filter people wrote preserved round-trip data as much as possible, which would probably mean improving an import filter as well.

Has anyone actually written either an improved import or an export filter for ISI Export Format?  Is the format actually documented anyplace, and do ISI databases conform to that document?  One can guess the semantics of most of the fields, or simply assume their semantics are the same as the corresponding search field tags in Web of Science, but that’s not really good enough.  For example, one would really want to know how the field semantics depend on the reference type, particularly for the less common reference types (everything except journal article and patent), and how unusual data is to be treated.  One would, for instance, want to know whether it is officially legal to generate more flexible author entries than WoS typically generates, e.g.

AU  van der Hart, Onno, ,Ph.D.

If anyone decides to do this project based on RefMan (RIS), beware that that filter throws away quite a bit of useful bibliographic information that is included in many endnote entries.  In many cases it moves the data to a RIS notes field (tag "N  - "), but in other cases it simply ignores it.

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