Issue with page numbers in journal article

Recently a new problem has emerged where the ending page number is being duplicated such as the example below:

Atkin, J. L., M. McCardle, et al. (2008). “The role of advertiser motives in consumer evaluations of ‘responsibility’ messages from the alcohol industry.” Journal of Marketing Communications 14(4):315-335-335.

This happens on all journal citations downloaded from EBSCO. I’m sure that somewhere there is a fix for this but I haven’t been able to track it down. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


So I am assuming you are seeing this error in the actual records themselves?  

I’m not sure I understand what you mean by “actual records themselves”. Can you elaborate?

In the Endnote library.  If it is an issue with only records coming from EBSCO, it must be an import problem?  So either the pages field is wrong in the record, or another field is included in the output style that EBSCO downloads and fills?  It would have to be the “end of pages” range – look at the pages field in those records or for that number in another field in the records that are affected.  If it is the end of pages range that is being imported incorrectly, you can globally fix by erasing that field in the records using the Change/Move/Copy tool to erase the field, or check the output style and make sure it isn’t using that field in the affected template.  

Thank you for your reply. I have looked at the record data (under remote status) and have attached the record data from one of the records. Under “773” it shows the ending page number being listed twice. I have also attached an image of the connection settings.

Is there any other aspect of EndNote that I need to be focusing my attention to resolve this issue?

I have spent some time working with the connection file, altering the tags in hopes of resolving this problem. But no such luck. I can only assume this is an issue with EBSCO, which unfortunately is the only source available through my university’s library. I seems the only work around is to manually remove the extra page numbers.