Ibid Format Output varies

Using Word 2007 and EndNote X3.0.1.

Chicago 15th A format.

Ibid output is correct for books with a comma after Ibid for example: Ibid., 42.

Journal references come out different for example: Ibid.: 42.

Is this correct or should they all be the same with comma not a colon?

If all the same, how to I get EndNote to provide the appropriate output.

I say a post in 2008 on this issue but it was not answered.

Thanks any help.


Bill Eliason

I think that Ibid. should always be followed by a comma, although I can’t find specific instructions about this in the Chicago Manual.

The problem with EndNote is that it follows the punctuation used before the Cited Pages in the Footnote Templates of the style being used. So because you use a colon when citing the page numbers in a journal, you get the colon in an Ibid. citation for a journal. For a book, the templates use a comma before the Cited Pages, so the Ibid. citation has the comma.

I don’t know of any workaround for this.

Here is the solution:

Edit, Output Styles, Edit “Output Style”, select Templates under Footnotes, under Journal Articles replace that colon after “Cited Pages|” with a comma. Close out of the “Output Style” and it should ask you if you want to save. Save, and you should be good to go.