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I’m using ALT-J as a style which display the citation as follows: Gault, 2008, p.^pp. When I insert page numbers within the “edit citation” option, the page numbers just appear at the end - Gault, 2008, p.^pp. 36-38.  I cannot seem to delete the p.^pp or make them work.

Do I have to edit the journal style? as I would prefer not to, we share styles across the network.

thanks Zoë

If you’ve typed “p.^pp.” directly in the “Edit Citation” option box, it appears exactly as it is.

You need to have “p.^pp.” before “Cited Pages” in the citation template in your style.

So, yes, you need to edit journal style.

The p.^pp is set in the style already. I cannot get it to delete or add page numbers in the “edit citation” - I wanted to know if the style is correct from Alt-J…

I find it easier to put the page number in the suffix, but if you want to use the cited pages field, you need to ensure that that field is present in the “citation” template of the chosen style.  It needs to look like this:  where the | is the “forced separation” and the * is the “link adjacent” which are inserted from the insert field drop down. 

(Author, Year|,*p.^pp.*Cited Pages)

See also the attached gif.


I found Alt-J style has an error.

(Author|,*Year|,*p.^pp. Cited Pages)

In its current form, the space before Cited Pages is regular space, which does not link p.^pp. to the presence of Cited Page. That’s why you always get p.^pp. as text output.

As Leanne suggested, you need to edit the space as “link adjacent”.

(Author|,*Year|,*p.^pp.*Cited Pages)

This should work.

Great, I understand now. I will see if Alt-J can change their style for future Endnote releases.

Thanks for you help.

you can also submit it to the endnote people to update on their download site:

Hi Leanne

I’ve just been to the Endnote download site and the latest Alt-J file was correct so I downloaded it on to my PC. Does anyone know if Endnote then update their next release (in my case Endnote XII) to reflect any tweaks to Styles?

thanks again