Changing Page Number Spacing in Citation


Sorry for the most likely basic question, but I have a bit of a deadline and I can’t figure out how to edit an in-text citation relating to page numbers. I’d like to write something like “Smith (1994, p. 34)”, but without the space in between p. and 34, (and maybe change the previous comma to a colon, etc.). I can’t seem to find the options in the edit style panel.



These settings are in the “citation” template for the selected output style.  Some output styles don’t have “cited pages” included in the template, in which case, you could "edit citation, more, and put exactly what you want to appear after the year in the suffix field.  If you want to add the “cited pages” or alter the associated spacing and punctuation of an existing output style, you would do so in the citation template - save it to a new name, and then apply that new style to the MANUSCRIPT in Word (and not in the Endnote program which will have no effect on the output style selected in the manuscript). 

To edit an output style, in Endnote, edit> output style, edit 'a currently selected output style".  and look at the citation, template.  For example, the tempalet for APA 6th, looks like this (where the * indicates the “link adjacent” tiny diamond symbol).  You could remove those spaces/symbols and change the , to a colon, for example.  (don’t lose the | characters, which isolate the punctuation and link characters, so they only appear when the field contains something). 

(Author, |Year|,*p.^pp.*Cited Pages|)

Many thanks for this. :slight_smile: