Reference Update Problem


I’m posting here because I am absolutely desperate and I hope that someone can help me. I’m writing my PhD thesis with the help of Endnote and it worked perfectly until now.

My problem: The name of the journal of a citation in the reference list is always being cited wrong. It is “Newsletters on Stratigraphy” (which is of course typed in like that in the database) but it always writes “Newsletters on stratigraphy” with a lowercase “s”.

I already deleted the citation everywhere from my whole document and deleted it also in the Endnote database. Twice. I made sure it was nowhere to find. And everytime I generate everything new and inserted it into the decument it still writes “stratigraphy” with a lowercase “s” even it’s everywhere written with an uppercase “S”.

I know that at the beginning there was a reference which spelled the journal name with a lowercase “s” but I corrected it everwhere in the database. It somewhow just uses the lowercase version even it’s nowhere to find anymore. Is there any possibility to clear the whole database from this lowercase “s” version of the journal name?

I’ve wasted half a day because of this one letter and my frustration level is immeasurable because I have to correct it and it just does not work. I have an idea for a workaround for this one case but I’m afraid I will have this problem maybe in the future too with other references.

I hope someone can help me. I’m working with EndNote X7.8 (Bld 11583) on a Windows 7 OS (up to date).

Hello Gemi,

The most likely cause of this issue is that the database you’re getting those records from is exporting them with sentence case full names, which can foul the EndNote indexing process.

By taking the Term Index out of the equation in the style, it should correct that issue.

To do so…

1)  Click the Edit menu in EndNote

2)  Click Output Styles

3)  Click Open Style Manager

4)  Find the style you’re using, and double click it to edit.
(Or, highlight the style, and click the Edit button)

5)  Here in the Style settings, along the left find the option for Journal Names.

6)  In the Journal Names settings, set the radio button here to “Don’t replace”

7)  Click the File menu, and choose “Save As…”
8)  Give the style a new name to indicate that it’s been modified, and save the style.
(I personally favor adding either “revised” or “no index” to the name.)
9)  Return to your document, and make sure you update the style setting to the New version of the style in your manuscript, and update the document.

Alternately, you can use the instructions found here…

…  to directly address the term list itself.

I do hope this helps.


While the change suggested by Steve, will fix the problem with this style, assuming you want the full title or abbreviation as it is in the Journal field, it will not fix it for the next style or adjust for full title or abbreviated journal - which is the power of Endnote and the Journal Terms list and settings.  If you want a short cut, you need to edit the Journal Terms list, because that is where it is pulling the “sentence case” version, if you don’t want to change the output style.  

The correct fix is outlined in the link he also provided.  Fix your library’s Journal Terms list and turn off the preferences which update the Journal Terms list based on the Journal and Alternative Journal fields downloaded from databases.  

Thank you SteveH and Leanna!

This was the fix I was looking for and it worked perfectly. I just had to remove the Journal term from the Term list.

So again, thank you a lot!