Kanotix Hellfire 2011-03, EN X5 and MS Office 2007 Pro Plus. It Works!!

I installed a new debian 6.0 distro called Kanotix Hellfire 2011-03   yesterday.

MS Office 2007 Pro Plus was installed with wine 1.3.14. The further installation of EN X5 via Wine occured problemless.

After a new start of the O.S. e.g. Kanotix, the CWYW extension appeared in Word 2007 Pro Plus. 

A click on EN X5 (see screenshot 2) yielded and yields every time the same curious error.

Kanotix (see www.kanotix.com for infos) gives the same missing texts like Ubuntu and other distris

(see screenshot 3).The missing texts worked very good (e.g. pubMed,Web of Science a.s.o…)

I think very interesting that the new EN X5, towards previous EN versions, inserts the CWYW in Word 2007. Can T.R. tells anything about this new “good bug”.

Thank you in advance for comments.