Layout does not save in X3

In version X3, when I format my bibliography I am unable to save my layout. For instance, I double-space my bibliography and after I re-open my Word 2007 document, the layout reverts back to single spacing my references. Any help would be appreciated

How are you double spacing?  From the format bibliography Layout tab or by selecting the text and double spacing?  The format Bibliography Layout tab works for me in Word 2003, saves fine with the document, but I can’t test with 2007.  I don’t seem to be able to overide it by selecting the bibliography and surrounding paragraph symbols, which seemed to work in earilier versions though. 

From the format bibliography Layout tab. It works when I am currently working on my document, but as soon as I close my document and re-open it, the layout reverts back to its default, single-space setting; I did not have this problem with version X2.

oh, that is bad… Then it sounds like a bug which you should report to Tech support. 

I know Leanne, especially considering that most journal manuscripts require double-spaced references…If only this was the default! I did dropped the Tech support an email about this issue, so hopefully they respond back soon.

Does it just not save the layout changes?  Or are they there in layout but not being applied?  I guess it might be something to do with word2007/endnote interface, as it seems to stick with my word2003. 

But you know, I actually doubt it makes any difference at all whether the references are single spaced or not, as that is all set in the typesetting of the paper.  It isn’t really worth worrying about.  They have the software to manage those kind of details. Worry about the concepts and not the typographical stuff!