Linking citations

I’m writing a thesis and am using APA style to do my references. I’ve got a few references where I’d like to write (Smith, 1906, cited in Jones, 2000). I don’t seem to be able to edit the references so that the brackets will be removed, and keep ending up with (Smith, 1906 cited in) (Jones, 2000). How can I format/edit them so that they are within the same brackets?


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I have the similar issue. I need to how to have EndNote format like:

Seidenbert and McClelland’s study (as cited in Coltheart, Curtis, Atkins, & Haller, 1993) observed that economists should be objective.

One possible solution is to insert a regular citation then add a prefix "as cited in ".

Note: See APA Manual 5th Ed, page 247, section 22 Citation of a work discussed in a secondary source.

Do you want both Sedenbert and McClelland and Coltheart, Curtis, Atkins, & Haller listed in the Bibliography, or just the cited in reference?  For the former, I suggest you type the “Sedenbert and McClelland” and put in the citation as hidden test or selecting the citation and editing it to hide Author and Year (click in the “grey” citation and  use the “edit citation” tool).    If you only want the cited part, then you still type the Sedenbert and McClelland part, and insert the other citation and - as you suggested, edit the citation to include the prefix.  You can manually do this by unformating the citation (or keeping CWYW off) and entering it as {as cited in \Coltheart, 1993 #RecNO} which will format as you want.  I find that easier, often than using the toolbar options. 

Same answer for the question to cls1 (which I guess I was on spring break when it was asked?).  {Simth, 1906 #RecNO;  cited in \Jones, 2000 #RecNO} or use the edit citation to apply "cited in " to the prefix of Jones, 2000.