list of all authors with specific address/affiliations

Is there a way to generate out of an existing endnote library a list of all authors with a specific address or affiliation?

Any ideas welcome. Thank you.

Change the output style’s “Bibliography” templates by keeping the Author field, adding the Author Address field then deleting the remaining fields. So each bibliography template has the following coding:

Author. Author Address

If you don’t wish to havve an author appear who does not have an address then insert a Link to Adjacent Text code (represented here by the asterick):

Author.*Author Address

If you are asking that each author (including co-authors) have the correct association with their address in the library, then the answer is no.  The file is usually downloaded with the “corresponding author” address or affiliation.  and the corresponding author is not necessarily the first (often its the last) author and they don’t have to be from the same place.  There is no direct link between author and affiliation, even in most databases.  You are best going to a proprietary database such as ResearchID or Scopus which tracks that information and doing your search for an affiliation there.