Location of Change Case file on Mac with EndNote 20

I have been unable to find the file that has the words that should not have their case changed since upgrading to EndNote 20. There is a file that supposedly says where but it is no long available on the website. I want to transfer this information from my old installation to my new one; I have perhaps 2000 words in the file and entering them one by one in the new installation is not a reasonable solution. Where can I find the file so I can just copy it?

On a PC, the file name is ENCase.txt, and  in EndnotX9,  it is located in


(and AppData is a hidden folder on Windows), so you must view and search hidden folders)

I found it by searching the harddrive for that filename. I also first added something to it, and it was date stamped today.  

The contents were in a plain text file, so you should also be able to search for text files with some of the words in your list, in case for some reason they named the file differently on a Mac?