Transferring Preferences to a New Computer

I want to transfer my preferences (e.g., Change Case, of which there are many with journal abbreviations) from an old computer to a new one onto which I am installing EndNote. Are there files I can copy over to the new computer so that I don’t have to reload. (Note: In this case I was not able to do a complete migration from old to new). 

You can find the Change Case file in the following location and you would need to move it to the same location on the new machine.

For Windows XP

[C:\Documents](file:C:/Documents) and Settings\User\Application Data\EndNote\ENCase.txt

For Windows Vista or Windows 7

[C:](file:C:/Documents)Users > your username > AppData > Roaming >\EndNote\ENCase.txt

You might also want to move over any custom Reference Types we have those steps on our website:

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