Location of Change Case file on Mac

I would like to copy the change case file (ENCase.txt) from a windows computer to a Mac. While I’ve located the ENCase.txt file on my windows computer, I cannot locate a similar file on my Mac. Can someone enlighten me on the name and location of the file on the Mac. I’m presuming that I should be able to copy and paste the windows text file, perhaps needing to change its name. Using EndNote X7.


The following knowledgebase article outlines the location of this file for Windows and Mac:


The file containing your Change Case terms isn’t directly compatible between platforms, but the transfer may still be possible.  You’d have to rename “ENCase.txt” to “EndNote Case Words” and you’d want to ensure the file didn’t retain its .txt file extension after renaming on your Mac.

Please let me know if this helps.

By following the directions in the knowledgebase base article, I was able to locate the “EndNote Case Words” file on my Mac.

I copied by “ENCase.txt” Windows file and renamed it to correspond to the Mac name (including the absence of a file extension). The original “EndNote Case Words” file was then replaced with the newly created file. Unfortuneately, the file doesn’s work on the Mac environment. Although the “imported” terms are all displayed in the Change Case list, they do not function. When existing terms are keyed in, they overwrite the existing term and then work as expected.

I also tried copying and pasting the terms from the Windows file to the Mac file, but this resulted in the same behavior as described in the previous paragraph.

In a side-by-side comparison of the 2 files, they appear to be identical, but obviously, there must be a difference. I’m guessing that maybe the Mac file is not a simple text file.