Transferring 'Preferences: Change Case' between computers; X2

Hello All,

I’ve recently taken to storing my endnote library on Dropbox.  Its wonderful and solved every one of the problems caused by me being lazy.

One thing I’d love to transfer between computers, though, is the list of change case exceptions.  I have about 1500 references in a library, and while i can add and edit from home,  I must do the updating from work where the extensive list is stored (I’m a chemist, and chemical formulas and TLAs are quite abundant in article titles).  

Is the change case list stored anywhere accessible such that I can duplicate it on my home computer?  I’d love to export that list.

“Edit menu > preferences > change case”

On an Win XP machine the file is called ENcase.txt and  is located here: C:\Documents and
Settings\<USERID>\Application Data\EndNote.  It may be in a different location on a Vista or Windows7 machine, but you sould be able to search for it (but search hidden files and folders). 

On the other machine, you could just copy it to that location replacing the default file. 

I wonder why I cannot change the location of “change case” folder, as it is with other folders ( Style, Filter…).

It would be easier to have even that folder together with the other personalized folder, so that when I have to syncronize two different PCs, I would not lose the content on the file ENCase.txt.

Would you take it into account in the future?