Maintaining deviations from a citation style

I have numerous instances where I need to change the in text citation style from the default for a particular journal such as: (Smith et al., 2008) to Smith et al. (2008). Is there a way when inserting a citation, to specify the different style format, or does this change simply need to be had edited at the end of the writing process? 

The frustrating part here is that if I do the hand edits, then change to another journal citation style, all my had edits are removed and the format goes back to the (Smith et al., 2008) format. 

I feel like I must be missing something here. 

Thanks in advance

I believe that this type of request is on the wish list for a future version, but for now, you just need to type (or drag) the name out of the parentheses, and then edit the citation to remove the author.  This will adjust it permanantly.