Make it possible to combine superscript and "online" citations

In some cases, when the superscript citation style is used, one needs to use the citation number “online”, i.e. not superscripted. This is even discussed by some journals, see e.g. Physical Review B:  .

This is needed to avoid ambiguities, such as “they measured this to be 10^5  (Ref. [5])”, as opposed to “they measured this to be 10^5 ^5 ”

In Latex, this is realized by \cite and \onlinecite

From what I know, with Endnote one can do either one or the other (using/editing the style).

As a result,  it is ugly: "they measured this to be 10^5 (Ref. ^5 )".

PS. This board doesn’t allow do <sup>5</sup> formatting!!! It strips away superscripts here. Why?!

How am I supposed to show super/subscripts here?

I guess Endnote doesn’t care about nice formatting.



I created the following sentence with two endnote refs (which I stripped from the inserted text to avoid forum incompatibilities):

Insert a superscripted reference here1; and then you want an online citation so the number 5 [Ref 2] isn’t confused with the reference number. 

So  I got this by first editing the superscripted output style to contain the following in the Author (Year) options of the citation template. (This options is only available in EndnoteX5 though.)

[Ref Bibliography Number]]

leaving the other template of a superscripted Bibliography Number untouched. 

Note, there is an idiosyncrasy in that you need two close square brackets - don’t know why but it has something to do with the way the developers set up that field. 

When you insert a number that you want followed by a Ref number instead of a superscript, edit the citation to use the Author (Year) option.  In my simple test it worked. 

unformatted this looks like this. 

Insert a superscripted reference here{Bentley, 1986 #161} and then you want an online citation so the number 5 {Baker, 1997 #195@@author-year}]  isn’t confused with the reference number. (I still have no idea why you can’t superscript in the forum.)

FYI, they fixed the forum so it should now accept superscript HTML tags.  See the Community Forum here.