Making multiple citations in text in date order (EndNote Web)


Please could someone let me know how to make EndNote Web order multiple citations in the text by date, rather than alphabetically.  For example, at present double citations would show as (Jones, 2000; Smith, 1960) but I’d want this to be (Smith, 1960; Jones, 2000).

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The citation sort order may be changed within the output style dialog box* by selecting: Year + Author. (See attached image.) If EndNote Web does not permit altering the output style you may need to switch to working from your desktop in order to use the modified citation sort order.

Hi, thanks for your reply.

I’ve never used the desktop version of EndNote but have just downloaded it.

Could you point me to a foolproof guide of syncing my endnote Web list of references to the desktop version?  I’m cautious of inadvertently deleting them all!


Refer to the “Import 5” FAQ from the EndNote Knowledge Base for transferring references from EndNote Web to the desktop:

Also note that references can also be transferred from the desktop to EndNote Web.

You should also take a look at which provides some tips for syncing.

  • Mathilda, the EndNote team

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