Manually Formatting a Bibliography

I am running EndNote X8 on a Mac OS 10.11.

I formatted my bibliography using EndNote’s Chicago 16th Author-Date style.

Two questions:

  1. Can I manually reorder items in the bibliograpy? How? I have three different entries from the same author (e.g. Smith 2000, Smith 2005 and Smith 2010). In the bibliography, the Chicago 16th style lists the oldest Smith article (2000) first, then the 2005 article and the most recent article last. I’d like to reverse this order so that the Smith articles are listed from most recent to oldest.

  2. Can I manually change the format of in-text citations? Using Chicago 16th, in-text citations for two separate articles appear like this: (Smith 2000, Chang and Leigh 2007). I would like there to be a semicolon in between the two articles (instead of a comma). How can I do this please?

Thank you!

I checked Endnote’s bibliography sort order for the Chicago 16th Author-Date output style file and ran a test which shows the bibliography is sorting the Year field  in ascending order (oldest to newest). To reverse order the bibliography would be incorrect for Chicago 16th style guidelines.

The citation separator could be changed from a comma to a semicolon but that doesn’t appear to conform to the Chicago 16th style. If you wish to persist in changing the citation separator, which may be incorrect, the citation separator can be changed in the Citation “Template” of the output style file.

Detailed instructions on how to edit your  output styles are here:  –  especially the PDF files available from the right hand part of the KB article.  

(long time Endnote user)