MaxOS 9.3.1 and new reference entries bug

This is a minor, but annoying bug, and hopefully not a new feature.

The behaviour of all previous versions was that when a new reference was entered, that reference would be selected in the main window.

After installing 9.3.1 on MacOs 10.14.6, Endnote has altered its behaviour and now–after a new reference has been entered in a smart group–the cursor highlights a reference which appears to have been chosen at random. Despite restarting the app, this reference is always the one that is highlighted after making a new entry and it causes endless problems, not least because it means extra steps have to be taken to check new entries, and in a 20,000+ size database, that can take time…

Can we have a fix please? 

Please report this issue directly to Technical Support so we can get additional information you on this issue.

1-800-336-4474 option 4 then 1