merged 2 documents, now have 2 reference lists

Using X1 for Mac with Word 2008.  Document 1 has citations and a reference list; Document 2, which I have copied and pasted into Document 1, had its own proper reference list.  Now, some of the references that only belong in Doc 1 are in Doc 2’s list, and not where they belong in Doc 1’s list.  What can I do?

In X1 the only thing you can do, if you want two separate lists, is to wait until the two documents are finished, unlink the fields on copies, and then merge them. 

What is “unlink the flelds on copies” and how do I do that?

It sounds like you’re suggesting not to do the merge until the very last thing, do I have that right?


You want to remove the field codes from a copy of each of the document before you join the two.  You can use the Endnote toolbar button to achieve this (in X3 it looks like a do not enter sign with a circular arrow, but I can’t remember what it looks like on X1’s toolbar).  alternatively you can select all in the COPY of the document and Ctrl+Shift+F9.  

My problem is the opposite. I have two documents with their own libraries. After merging the two, I want one library. Now the two libraries from original docs are listed after the main text of each doc. How to proceed?

You DO NOT WANT TO Unlink Fields before the combining step.  After they are combined you then want to unformat and reformat your paper (remembering to turn back on, CWYW during the reformat process from the third tab.  Between the two, you should probably  delete the existing bibliographies and then after reformating,  move the newly created bibliography to the appropriate place.