Uniting multiple Word document bibliographies into a single document

Hi Forum,

Any help appreciated.  I am acting on behalf of a fellow staff member at my institution who is struggling to unite multiple chapters in multiple Word documents into a single Word document for her thesis.

I looked on this forum and found University of Queensland advice about making backup copies of Word docs and copy unformatted all refs, but the lady says that some of the chapters are not in any bibliographic style now.  My only guess is that she may have copied some formatted refs and done something to mess her Word documents up.

Any help appreciated asap as she is considering manually re-entering all of her bibliographic information.



Hello Jamie,

If your fellow staff member has all the original documents with the EndNote encoding, she should follow the steps found in this article:


Unfortunately I think I may have lost the endnote formatting when I stored some of the earlier chapters in Nvivo (either on importing or exporting). I’ve tried following the instructions below in order to re instate them


but this did not retrieve any of the links. So unless I can find an earlier saved version of the chapters with the endnote formatting (but then I will lose my re drafting) I think the only option I have is to manually re insert…unless anyone has any other suggestions?

What output style were they formatted in?  – If Author year, you can do a couple things.  I first search and replace the “-” et al" and replace with nothing.  Then you need to scan for any 2 or 3 author citations and get rid of the extra authors. 

now change the temporary citation delimiters in the format bibliography to regular brackets.  You will have to ignore other parenthetical items, but I find this easier than trying to replace just the citation parentheses. 

so you should be left with (Author, Year) and format bibliography with a numbered style with no parenthesis.  You might find some items you missed and you can ignore them and then scan for years and correct those…

I can go into more detail if you like.