MHRA style - footnotes short form


I’m trying to help a user with a query regarding editing MHRA style. They want to be able to have thier footnotes numbered in order of appearance and to have subsequent references to items already cited appear as short form. Having tried to edit the style, I am still ending up with any subsequent references using the same number as the first citation. Any help much appreciated!

To get “footnote” consecutive numbering you need to insert the citations into the footnote itself, using the word processing software, which generates the number.  Not “in-text” citations.  

Sorry, please could you explain this a bit further?


You need to use Word, select the “References” ribbon, insert footnote foot of page) or endnote (end of document-- which is not the same as EndNote the program), which will then jump to the bottom of page inserting the number in the text and the numbered footnote – and that is where you insert your “EndNote” citation.  

see the images attached.