Microsoft 2008 for mac blocks since installing endnotes

Fair enough, it is an old program, but since I installed Endnotes, Microsoft 2008 is blocking (no error notes) Now I tried to correct this through other forums, but it is not possible… 

However if the problem is the old version, I am ready to buy a new one, but I would love to hear first that there are no other solutions…

Help and support would be really, really welcome 


I do apologize for the problematic behavior that you’re experiencing.  What exactly are you encountering when you say that Microsoft Word 2008 is blocking?  Are you no longer able to open a Microsoft Word 2008 document once you’ve installed EndNote?  Which version of EndNote are you working with?  Also, which exact version of Microsoft Office 2008 do you have installed?  If you’re unsure of your version of Office 2008, in Word, click “Word>About Word”.  The About Word window will mention a specific version - 12.x.x.

Please let me know what you find, as this information will help me troubleshoot your issue further.

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