WORD 2013 and Endnote X7.3.1 (Bld 8614)


I’ve been used Endnote X7 and MS 2013. 

Abruptly EndnoteX7 ribbon is gone and I retrieved from WORD option menu.  It was in the “inactive application add-ins” and I did “COM Add-Ins”.

However, whenever I use MS Word, Endnote X7 ribbon is gone and I need to retrive “COM Add-Ins”  I reinstalled MS office and Endnote X7 but the problem is not solved. 

Endnote X7 only appears when I use MS WORD as an administrator. (though all users have same authority and access)

Do you have any idea for this kinds of problem?" Thanks,

I ran into the same problem without a solution thus far. Did you solve it? Avi