Missing parentheses


So I’m trying to do an in text reference using APA 6, in the style of author (year). I have no author so the entry is actually title (year). I’ve never had any issues before but now I’m missing my first parentheses so it’s coming out “title” year).

I’ve attached the style I use. Because I’ve played around with it to try and make it work.

I’m hoping some one can help me fix it.

Thank you in advace.

APA 6th (URL’s when no DOI).ens (70 KB)

You needed to separate the Author from the parenthesis.  If there was no author, there was a linking character to the parenthesis so it would be ommited too.  I put in a separation character (I also just replaced the linking character with a space, which worked too, but had the two space problem too), but then it appeared that in my test, there were two spaces between the comma and the (Year)  but I am not sure you want a  comma or where the comma comes from?  If I deleted the space entirely (leaving the | which is the separation character, it left comma then one space.  Best I could do.  If you don’t want the comma, the only thing I can see to get what you want, is to insert the citation without the ambiguous setting to include the title, and copy and place the title in the “prefix field” manually (rt click > edit citation, > more).  the downside of this option, is that you cannot format the text in any way.  

APA 6th (URL’s when no DOI) (original) nospace separate.ens (70.1 KB)

In this version –  also changed the ambigous settings from APA to full title (in first section) – which removed the quotes around the title.  Not sure if that will mess up what should happen in the bibliography though or elsewhere.  It still has the pesky comma though.  

APA 6th (URL’s when no DOI) (no quotes, (.ens (70.1 KB)

Thank you for your help. I’ll be able to work with this.