MLA - edit field codes to display year only


I have a situation where, due to having the Author name in the text, I want to exclude it in the in-text citation.

As MLA doesn’t display YEAR, if I edit:

{Lodder, 2008 #58}


{, 2008 #58}

I end up with a blank space i.e. the citation disappears.

Is there a field code to insert so I only have to do this task once?

Is there an online resource for filed codes please?



If I recall correctly, in-text citations using the MLA style uses just the author and cited pages. Year is not included – which explains why Endnote’s MLA output style omits the Year field for the Author (Year) Citation template and why you are unable to display just the year.

As a workaround you could “hide” the author then manually type in the year. If working with the temporary citation doesn’t work you might try switching to the menu-driven commands. Information on editing temporary citations is available in the Help menu within the Endnote toolbar.

Yes, doesn’t use a year.  For a handy summary of MLA see Purdue’s OWL article. Seems odd, as it consumes more space in the document,  but if you have multiple articles by the same author, you add the short title!  

So the citation template is (Author| Cited Pages) or Author (| Cited Pages) and if you omit the author and there are no citated pages, the resulting “citation” is nothing. You can find the “blank citation” by revealing the unformated citations (convert to unformatted citations).