Modified Style does not work in word

Hello! I’m in need of some help. I recently updated my mac and my endote and I’ve been having problems since. I have created my own style a while ago and it works on my desktop but when I try and use it on word it says that style isn’t available in my styles folder (see image below).

Any tips would be lovely,

Thank you.

Can you open it in Endnote and save as to a slightly different name, and look for that one?  

It’s still not working…its like the file doesn’t exist in microsoft but works in endnote 

If it was an edited style, it would not be located in the program styles folder, but in your user folder (as defined in the preferences folder location) if that is no longer on the computer, or it no longer is where the preferences expect to find it, - Word might be remembering what was in the file, but it isn’t in the locations that it expects it to be in – or word is using one version of endnote and endnote is the other version?  – I think you will need to reach out to tech support on this.