MS Office Word Security Notice

When opening a  DOCX file in Word 2007, a security notice is displayed :

Microsoft Office has identified a potential security concern… file path … EndNote cwyw.dotm.

Options are to Enable Macros or Disable Macros. Can choose either option and file contents are displayed.



Word 2007 SP2

OS Windows XP SP3

If I disable the Add In in Word, then this message is not displayed, but then Add In has to be re-enabled to use EndNote.

Is this an expected result? I don’t get an option to always trust the macro so the workaround has been to disable the Add-In until EndNote is needed.

Is an upgrade to EN in order?

Thanks, Valerie

Interestingly enough, he now is not getting this message when he opens the files that previously prompted this message. The CWYW add-in on Word is still enabled.