MS Word screen view jumps to top of Section


We have a long document with sections, all created within the one document, no copying and pasting sections from another document. After starting the next section, Chapter 5, now when adding an Endnote reference the view of the screen jumps to the beginning of the section. The citation and the cursor remain in the correct location, and the reference is in the list at the end of the section as we desire, but now we must scroll back down through the document to locate where we were.

I am the troubleshooter for Endnote in this office. The creator of the document asked me to help and I copied his document to my desktop so I could try solutions without messing up his work. At first, I wasn’t having the problem. I would insert the citation and the view would stay where I was working. I removed a page break above the section break between Sections 4 and 5 and then closed the document without saving. When I reopened it, the page break was gone (hmm, thought it wasn’t saved), and the view started jumping into the middle of the Chapter 4 reference list. Adding the page break back in did not change that. The view started jumping no matter where I inserted a citation.

Eventually, I deleted the desktop copy. Then I made another copy of the original and put that on my desktop and when I added a citation the view did not jump.

I am thinking this is a Word issue, but for the life of me I cannot find a setting that addresses this in Word or Endnote. Anybody have this problem before? Please help.  Thanks.


I’d suggest saving a backup copy of this Word document, then performing the field code cleanup steps listed in the following EndNote knowledge base article:

Please let me know if this helps.

Thank you for the help, Jimmy. Closing it and going home and coming in the next day and opening the document seemed to work this time for my co-worker. But I plan to practice with a copy of the document using the steps from this help page so I can be of more assistance in the future. I have a feeling that as it grows the complications will pop up again.


Kitty P. Petersen, MLS