Journal (Plant, Cell & Environment) output style changed in endnote, but does not change correspondingly in word as it should be.

The Journal output style for Plant, Cell & Environment) from endnote to be downloaded is out to date.

It is easy to change in the output style in endnote, however, the word does not change correspondingly as it is required ''When different groups of multiple authors with the same first author occur, they should be cited as “Smith et al. 1996a, b”, even though i have changed the setting in output.

There are two workout solutions:

  1. turn off the instant formating in word after the manuscript, citation and bibliography is ready, change the citation manually one by one.

  2. Another workaround solution suggested by technician from endnote is:

 Open Word.

  1. Click on EndNote X7 tab>Edit and Manage Citations.
  2. Highlight the reference, for example Ma For the first citation, for Formatting, click on “Exclude Author & Year” from the drop down list.
  3. Similarly, choose the consecutive citation, for Formatting, click on “Exclude Year” from the drop down list.
  4. For suffix field, leave a space and type 2016, a,b.
  5. Click OK.

Both solutions work as long as no more touch of the manuscript, however, no more touch is not possible for a manuscript ongoing before finally accepted and change the formatting, go though the manuscript for sure not convenience. Endnote provides the convenience for formatting bibliography for writing publication. It would be great that endnote would update the formatting soon. Thank you very much.

In my experience the 2007a,b only works if all the authors are exactly the same, not just the first author.  I tend to ignore this as the journal publishing house usually has the tools to make these little adjustments.  I feign ignorance unless they complain, and then I edit the final accepted manuscript to avoid glitches like those you worry about from editing as you go along.