Multiple citations with same author and same year not differentiated

I’m very new to EndNote and I have a problem with my in text referencing. Although my bibliography is correct and shows two different citations, I have two in text references from the same author and year but are from two different web pages. I can’t seem to differentiate them even though I’ve searched all throughout the edit output style section in EndNote. Everytime I try to manually put an a or b next to the year, it automatically deletes it. Could someone please help :((

The photo attached shows the two identical citations [(Central Intelligence Agency 2017)] that are actually from two different web pages.

Screen Shot 2019-09-23 at 11.51.56 am copy.jpg

Do these Webpages have titles?  If not, Endnote won’t distinguish them based on the URL field.  You can turn off the merge duplicates from the endnote preferences and that might fix this, but it might break something else, if you happen to have a duplicate of a record and cite both versions in a manuscript.  

If they do have a unique title, then I am not sure what the problem is and you may need help from support directly.