Multiple items in same year by same author not differentiated (tried checking YYYYa, YYYYb box to no avail)

Endnote will not differentiate between different sources by same author in same year either in in-text cite or in bibliography (only one of the items shows up).  E.G. {Hani, 1931 #535} and {Hani, 1931 #567} will cite in text as (Hani, 1931) and in bibliography, only one of the citations will show up.  Have gone to edit style and clicked on use YYYYa, YYYYb option, but still is a problem.  Must be missing something obvious.  Using Win Vista, Endnote X2, Word 2007, style is Chicago 15b.  Have boatloads of citations like this.  The records have significant differences, like date, other fields differ too.  Thanks in advance!

In EndNote, click on Edit>Preferences, and select Formatting.

If you uncheck “Merge duplicates in bibliography”, does that help?

If not, there is another section of the Preferences for Duplicates. I’m not sure if changing the settings here has any effect upon the formatting of a bibliography, but you could try it.

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Brilliant!  That did it, thanks so much!