references with same author and year are not distinguished

Hello, I have created a new output style, but it does not distinguish references with the same author and year. Let me exemplify:

EC (2006) Regulation laying down general provisions establishing a European Neighbourhood and Partnership Instrument. (EC) No 1638/2006, Brussels, 24 October 2006.

EC (2006) Communication from the Commission to the Council and the European Parliament on Strengthening the European Neighbourhood Policy. COM(2006)726 final, Brussels, 4 December.

It should be EC (2006a) and EC (2006b) both in the bibligraphy list and in the citations. 

How can I edit this. I am using endnote X1.



Go to Edit-> Output Styles-> Edit “whatever your style is called” and click on Ambiguous Citations. Make sure the check box next to “Add a letter after the year” is ticked. That should sort it.


Thanks for the tip. Of course, it worked.